Rose Bassett - Winning The Lottery

We premiere 'Winning The Lottery', the wonderful introductory track from Rose Bassett

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Phoebe Go - We Don't Talk

It's familiar, it's new, and it's so easy to love the debut single from Phoebe Go

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FVNERAL - California Street

There's a community within this band and that's what makes their inspiring sound so much sweeter.

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Library Siesta - I Wouldn't Mind

A milestone return for the indie pop band who after six years get to share a taste of their new album

Local Takeaway

Landspeed Records' Five Favourite Local Albums

We chat to the record store ahead of Record Store Day 2022

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Five Songs You May Have Missed This Month

Here's five songs from March that you should get around if you haven't already

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Coconut Cream - What Kind of Music Do You Like to Listen to?

The indie rock band reaches new heights with this addictive and heart-felt release

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Elsy Wameyo - River Nile

It's her first track of the year and it's her most authoritative yet


Keaper - Day By Day

The thunderous, anthemic new single from this Melbourne/Naarm band makes it one of our favourites of the year

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Partner Look - By the Book

'By the Book' is the fun and ever-so charming debut record from Melbourne/Naarm super-group Partner Look.

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Morgues - Outer Space

The warm bedroom-pop single leads the announcement of them as the newest signing to Broth Records


Lily Morris - Back and Forth

Braidwood local Lily Morris showcases her much awaited sophomore single in a time we needed it most.

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