Amends, without warning, enlist Laura Jane Grace for new single 'Walking Backwards'

Just when you think they can't get any greater, Amends go ahead and release single no.2 of their new album, and joining them for 'Walking Backwards' is none other than punk royalty Laura Jane Grace.

The great band from the homeland, Greater Western Sydney, surprised us last month with 'This One, For Example, Is About Grief' and the announcement of their new album 'Tales of Love, Lost, and Outlaws'. Immediately we were all so excited to get a new Amends album, and so soon*, particularly after their 2019 album 'So Far From Home' made it to the top of all our lists by the end of that year.

*It feels not that long ago as last year was such a blur that a 2019 record feels like it came out yesterday.

But before the album's release on April 23, Amends quietly shared with us the next taste of the record, and fittingly raised hell with the support of Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! for the country-punk duet.

'Walking Backwards' feels encompassing to who this band is - the harmonica-driven, guitar-twanging body of a country song but with their punk roots breaking through with Laura on vocals, and followed up with the faithful lyrics:

"It's Friday night so let's raise hell. We can get saved on Sunday morning"

I think to introduce this band to new listeners, this is a good new place to start. And already it seems to be working out that way. Old fans are getting their faces melted off with LJG and new fans are coming along for the ride. I've seen the comments come through and the Against Me! heads are loving it. It's what we love to see.

Growing up in a church and leaving in my mid-teens, and having spent many parts of my life with extended family in the far west of Sydney, and also being a fan of anything between folk and punk, this band holds a strange place in my heart. But it's a real good place considering the music they're releasing is excellent. Again, just have a look at their songwriting throughout 'So Far From Home' and you'll see just how special this band can get.

So in a week's time we'll be treated to their next album and based on everything that's happened so far, I know it's going to be a real special record - so keep an eye out for that.