Bares makes you feel nice warm things in her new song Tickets

Picture a cold, rainy afternoon and you’re inside your local coffee shop in your best and warmest sweater. You can smell the espresso pouring, and hear the steam wand as it meets the milk. You’re over on the couch with a warm coffee in hand, and from the corner of the room is some quiet live music to complete the feeling.

Well, that’s what I had in mind when I first listened to Bares’ new song Tickets. The song immediately paints this picture when the stripped-back acoustic is met with Bares’ soulful vocals, inviting the listener to feel things they weren’t expecting. The opening line, wrapping itself in an enclosed rhyme, sets the heartfelt narrative going on:

“My books are overdue, my tickets have expired

And I don’t feel that inspired, but somehow I have you”

The Melbourne singer-songwriter writes of being loved and adored by someone, when you may not feel that yourself. The emotion is felt in the arrangement and organic recording of the song, comforting you, the listener, as if you really are in that coffee shop on a rainy day. You sit there, quietly drinking the smooth, warm latte. In the same way, that’s how Tickets feels to listen to. It’s smooth, it’s warm, and it will make you feel right at home.

Tickets comes from Bares’ brand new EP Overdue, released earlier this month. Much like the floral illustration on the cover, each song blooms in their own way. The record gives you something different each time, but is still tied together beautifully in a release that feels perfect for this isolated, winter period.