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Bec Sykes - Edithvale

It's fair to say then that while Edithvale is about a beach, the biggest wave here is what Bec Sykes is doing with her music

I absolutely live for the moments when you stumble across a debut song from an emerging musician, and you immediately know you’ve come across something immensely special. It’s happened already a couple of times this year, but most recently it came when I first heard Edithvale by singer-songwriter Bec Sykes.

The song starts with sombre chords on a piano, pulling you into an emotional position to prepare you for what you’re about to feel - a mix of nostalgia and saudade for simpler times. But prepare to feel something else entirely - excitement and eagerness - when Bec grasps your attention with her voice as she sings the opening line...

I want to be in love again. I don’t want to be friends

Bec’s incredible voice and sound instantly reminded me of acts like London Grammar and Daughter, trio’s who strip it right back to let the voice shine strongest. The instrumental doesn’t change throughout the song, and it doesn’t have to, because Bec’s melodic and vibrant voice really leads the way in this song like a torch light in a tunnel, shining down on the path and allowing your emotions to follow. Even if you don't relate to the story behind the song - memories of driving to the beach on sleepless summer nights - you still feel like you know exactly how Bec feels. Personally, I’m not too fond of the beach, but Edithvale somehow makes me miss going there.

The Melbourne folk musician recorded Edithvale with Tom Iansek of #1 Dads and Big Scary, and recently was presented with the Josh Pyke Partnership - a yearly grant whose previous winners include Angie McMahon, Eilish Gilligan, Alex Lahey and Gordi. It's fair to say then that while this song is about a beach, the biggest wave here is what Bec Sykes is doing with her music, and I can't wait to hear what else she has for us in the future.