Buddy Dingo's 'Paramatta Man' is an Australian gem to get around this week

Looking past the big cities and into the hidden gems of the smaller towns lies country-living songwriter Buddy Dingo, and this week he shared with us the next part of his story, Parramatta Man.

Buddy Dingo has always been one of my favourite songwriter's since I first heard him around 2018. He stood out in a big way with his simple suburban-living songwriting that felt so joyful and humorous to listen to. 'I Love My Backyard' and 'Driving My Ute' are these big, fun songs, that give any listener exactly what they expect going into it, leaving everyone with big smiles and even bigger appetites for Buddy's repertoire.

And when you do get a taste of his other songs during any of his live sets, you're left with even bigger smiles and better memories. I've seen Buddy Dingo a handful of times in Canberra and greatly enjoyed each set. So much so, that there was one show at Gorman Arts Centre that I look my grandparents to and urged them to stay to listen to Buddy (they said they liked it and had a good time).

'Parramatta Man' has been a standout song across these live sets and finally we get a recorded version of it. The groove and country twang to the track sticks around in your mind long past the song, and keeps you hanging to see it live again. There's been countless times I've seen bands play new material and loved the songs, but by the time I get home I've forgotten the melody. I think this is one of those rare times that I've easily remembered the song and new exactly what was coming upon the song's release.

And I think that's because of how memorable Buddy Dingo's sets are. Seeing the community rally around his music and sing so loudly together about backyards, bindies, and utes makes for something real special and the unique flavour Buddy Dingo adds to his art gives off big hearts and bigger smiles.

If you're a fan of Buddy's songwriting in this, then you'll love his other works, and crave everything in between that hasn't come out yet. But maybe catch him live and you'll get a five-course meal served with lots and lots of Australian flavour.