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Carb on Carb - Here Comes The Best Bit

Carb on Carb's 'Here Comes The Best Bit' is a heartwarming and wholesome call back to their DIY touring days

New Zealand/Aotearoa duo Carb on Carb are well known for their wholesome and heartwarming lyrics, showing this throughout their 2018 sophomore record 'For Ages'. But this year we're given an equally sweet new single, with Here Comes The Best Bit getting all the warm and fuzzy feelings just right.

The band's latest offering is an ode to house shows, a familiar staple in touring DIY bands. Undoubtedly each time I've seen this band it's been across different lounge rooms in the ACT, playing against a bookshelf, a mattress, or a painted bed sheet.

The lyrics throughout the song mention exactly this and more - with lines about coming together with friends in an unexpecting suburban house to watch friends play, and we sing along to every song and every word. The song even goes as far to reference one of the best house show experiences you'll ever have - Mulgara's No Front Fences.

"Between the trees, suburban streets, unassuming house where we meet
No front fences in this state, couldn’t tell you if its the right place"

Here Comes The Best Bit paints the picture of the scene perfectly through Carb on Carb's signature indie/emo sound of minimal instrumentation and bittersweet lyrics. The band are known for this, and they've done it again making anyone listening that's familiar release a big, teary-eyed smile.

I'm so excited at the sound of new Carb on Carb, and the band deliver exactly what's needed - something to hold close and treasure. But the duo have been doing this from the beginning, so it's no surprise they release a new song and it's instantly a beautiful hit within the community.

We love Carb on Carb, and we love their new song, and we can't wait to see them in someone's living room or backyard again soon.