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Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - When This Is Over

The Melbourne/Naarm band's new single is the grand finale, big song moment to farewell 2021.

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird are back with new music this month, and When This Is Over serves as the perfect soundtrack to send off 2021.

I find myself often casting back to around 2017 when I heard about this band with a strange band name releasing a song that shares its name with an Australian beer label. I thought it was a joke at first, but no. Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird were not kidding around when they released Melbourne Bitter, a track that would very quickly find its way to becoming one of my favourites of the year.

It set up the Melbourne/Naarm band to become something real special in this country, with a handful of EP's and albums to follow over the late 2010's along with their countless shows and tours.

But since then it's been a little quiet at the CTBNF camp, at least in terms of new music. But earlier this month we were treated to a new five minute serving that feels like it belongs as the send-off track for a tv show, if that tv show is the turbulent year that was 2021.

When This Is Over opens with paino, drums, and the comforting sounds from lead vocalist Lachlan Rose. A brass arrangement introduces the harmonic chorus that sets the track in motion for a song that feels endless - like it's meant to feel like this song could be the finale of the book and never needs to end.

A fade-out on this track would have sold this feeling goldenly. Unfortunately we don't get that this time, but hey that's alright (but also hey, would love to see more bands bring the fade-out back if that's alright). What we do get instead is the next best thing, a moment of crashing gospel-esque vocals with the horns and the guitars and the drums that acts as the grand finale to the song.

The band said on the internet that When This Is Over is "A song of unity, love and the joy of being together" - which is honestly what I'm here for. I want a wholesome song to farewell the year as the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve. I've always tried to pick the perfect song to do this too. One year it was sitting in the car with a friend listening to Old Friends by Treehouses. I think this year Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird will take that special place.

So Happy New Year and Happy New Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird.