Familiarise yourself with Saulé as we premiere her sweet sophomore single 'When We First Went Out'

As the biting cold weather starts to settle in, be sure to warm yourself up to a new artist from this beautiful city that you may not have heard yet, but will quickly become your new favourite. Saulé this week is sharing her brand new single 'When We First Went Out' and we are most excited to be premiering it here for you today.

Opening with light and playful guitars and kindly-treated percussion, the Canberra singer-songwriter takes a dive into the old memories of spending summer nights with someone you love when you first begin seeing each other - hence the title of the track.

The music plays on this perfectly. The dreamy instruments and production swimming around the vocals that feel akin to Julia Stone or St South really drive the narrative and paint that picture as we listen. You can see the warm summer nights and the days spent by the ocean and the butterfly moments felt throughout. So much so you feel those butterfly's yourself, thinking about maybe your own experiences of spending those picture perfect moments with someone for the first time.

It's what Saulé is doing so wonderfully and impressively here. Being able to marry the music to the lyrics so both express the same narrative is due to make for the best storytelling and the best art. And in that, it's a story we can't get enough of, again thinking nostalgically back at all our own experiences and remembering feeling better than ever before.

And of course the song itself is irritable, something hard to not play again at least one more time. Or make that two. Or maybe make that ten. The way Saulé performs the pre-chorus and the chorus itself is going to make its way into your head and live there rent-free.

'When We First Went Out' is the second release from Saulé since her debut single 'Let Me Know' late last year. It was back then when I first came across Saulé, and I've been eagerly waiting ever since to see what she would do next. This was not quite what I thought would happen next, but I'm 100% here for it and I'm so glad to see and hear a sweet and delicious taste from her repertoire.

I hope there's more like this to come, but I also hope to be amazed at something else next time. But either way, I think Saulé is proving herself to be a wonderful songwriter, and so is becoming one Canberra musician to keep a close eye on this year.

'When We First Went Out' is out everywhere April 16.