Write Up

FVNERAL - California Street

There's a community within this band and that's what makes their inspiring sound so much sweeter.

I'm always on the look out for music that encapsulates and bands that represent the ideas of what this platform means to me - and that's community. It's the sense that music and art are something that bring people together, share new thoughts, express emotion, and build community. There's a lot going on out there that are exactly this, and that's really exciting. And that's the kind of music I'm always so keen to share here.

So with that in mind, let me introduce you to FVNERAL.

FVNERAL are a seven-piece collective from Sydney who come as a family first, band second, presenting themselves with the goal to "forge an environment where young people can explore their identities and find a sense of belonging, facilitate open and honest discussions about mental health, elevate queer joy, and combat feelings of isolation in navigating complex emotions and experiences".

On their latest single California Street, you can hear them begin to achieve this. Their warm and hopeful songwriting flourishes in the final hook, singing the lines "I know change is hard and my hope is silent But I won't lie down 'til you can lay beside me And I'll pound my chest, 'cause darling I'm still frightened But I will not rest 'til I am better than this" anthemically like a church choir.

And that worship sound feels rightfully familiarity with FVNERAL, who themselves are forming that a community of support and hope, preaching a good word we can all live by. Albeit this song is a love story, about two people who meet at the end of an acid trip, it's also about the us verses the world feeling that comes with love. And that's where we find a sense of hope that we can all take home.

That's what I love about this song and am starting to love about FVNERAL as I dive further into their music and character.

As a collective, a creative, and a community, there's much to be seen from FVNERAL, and when we do it's going to be really nice.