Jess Locke isn't fooling around with her new single

When I look back at defining moments in my life in the music scene, I think back to one particular show that caused a butterfly effect still felt today. On this particular night, something small and seemingly insignificant happened, but it means the world to me today.

The show was at the old Phoenix Pub in late 2017, itself a defining music venue in that time for Canberra. The night would be the first time I experience the music of Azim Zain And His Lovely Bones and Helena Pop. After meeting Jack, the lead member of the latter band, he invited me to my first ever house show, which led to making new friends, which led to more house shows, and meeting more people, and so on. From that, I make it here today.

But I have to give special credit to Jess Locke for this, as she was headlining this particular night for her Universe album tour. It's for this reason I reserve a special place in my heart for Locke’s music, and it’s why I still have that tour poster hung up on my bedroom wall that I took from the venue.

I got a little excited to see that Jess Locke had new music this month. Fool feels like an embracing hug from an old friend after spending months apart (a feeling far too familiar right now), but there’s something fresh and new about them. It’s the Jess Locke we all know and love, but her new single feels like a fresh new direction for the Melbourne multi-creative.

You feel this immediately with the gritty electrics and percussion introducing the song, as if to tell you that this is not the Jess Locke you might be expecting. But you’re then welcomed with a feeling of familiarity when Locke begins to sing, and that’s the embracing part. Fool is your same favourite meal at the local restaurant, just with a new flavouring that packs a punch.

You’ll find yourself foot-tapping and head-nodding along to this one, up until the chorus hits and the power switch is dialed up a few bars. This is where Locke sells you on her electrifying new sound - the vocals in sync with the melody and you feel the sound fill the gaps in the spaces, making for an exciting indie rock anthem from our folk favourite.

The single comes with a dynamic and dizzying music video, filled with floating flowers, vertigo movements, and storm clouds rumbling in the studio where they filmed. It’s all very new, and a side of Jess Locke we haven’t quite seen before.

So keep an eye out for Jess Locke in the near future. If this is a new direction we’re seeing the singer-songwriter take, then I’m eager to see what comes next.