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Library Siesta - I Wouldn't Mind

A milestone return for the indie pop band who after six years get to share a taste of their new album

It's been a long time coming for Library Siesta, who last week shared I Wouldn't Mind - a song marking as a milestone in the band's continuing story.

It all starts about six years ago, when the Sydney/Eora band had just finished the release cycle for their debut record Future Hands, and were beginning the process over again for a new album. But the financial realities of being in a recording band began to set things back, up until a pandemic derailed plans even further.

Lead singer-songwriter Bre Jones said of this time "I have a chronic illness and I was particularly unwell while writing the album. I could only work 1-2 days per week at my day job, which meant I barely had enough money to live, let alone invest upfront in the band in the way that my able-bodied counterparts might do. Then the pandemic hit and it completely shut off any opportunities to earn money from gigging. We’d been working on the album for years by this point and I could no longer see a way forward".

But the band got given a opportunity to finish what they started through the Sound On grant, an Accessible Arts initiative that was funded by Create NSW's Arts Restart program to support artists with disability in the music industry get back to reaching their goals after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal for Library Siesta was the finish their sophomore album - and one year after the band's success in the grant program, they're ready to share their lead single.

I Wouldn't Mind is a charming indie sound with a DIY finish, reminiscent of the songs coming out of the Brisbane indie-pop scene this time ten years ago (thinking of Major Leagues, Go Violets, Babaganouj kind of thing).

The song explores the feeling of closing yourself off to love, but letting through the one that shouldn't. The second verse characterises this as a city that's been fortified since the lost battles before, and its people haven't healed yet to let anyone else in, let alone someone that we know is not going to do any good, which is detailed in the line "Isn't it a pity how you'll never be mine. I get that you love her but can't you love me at the same time?".

It's a heartbreaking song but a feel good story of the band bringing their new album into fruition, which we'll get to see soon.