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Coconut Cream - Your Drug On Computers

The band debut the song as the first signing under Joji Malani's Broth Records

Bursting out with new music and a new record deal comes Sydney/Eora indie-rockers Coconut Cream and their daring and fruitful new single Your Drug On Computers.

As their first offering of the year, Your Drug On Computers is the band's more filled and colourful release yet, with some singles and an EP already in their discography to date. Listening back to their other songs, you can hear a change in their songwriting with their latest single bringing a certain pop to their name.

What flawed me for so long was the song's title. Your Drug On Computers sounds like an idea that the internet is far more wild than drugs or something like that. But rather, it's taken from the nostalgic feeling of listening to old songs that remind you of particular relationships when you were younger, and in the band's case, the song Your Drug by Saskwatch. So good.

The four-piece share the song with the news of a new signing to Broth Records, the new project started by former Gang of Youths member Joji Malani, who interestingly shared his story as to how he came across the band:  “I tried Bumble for a few weeks, and matched with this lady who asked what kind of music I was into. She said I should check out this band called Coconut Cream so I listened to them and thought they were really cool, and saw them play later that evening. I approached them afterward and I went to write back to this lady, she'd unmatched me!”.

Your Drug On Computers is a spacey, and creamy jam that goes well on pancakes and even better in a top ten of the year playlist. The fluid guitars make way for a chorus that is unbelievably catchy, and is going to move in and live rent-free in your head for days after the first listen. That was my experience of the song, and it's been a favourite of 2021 ever since. The band released the song just over a month ago and it's taken me some time to write this. But it's been top of mind this whole time being, again, one of the best songs of the year so far.

A song like this surely lands the band on everyone's radar, with a new EP on the horizon for those waiting - due closer towards the end of the year. Like anyone else, I'm eager to see what the band will pull out for us then, and what the next couple of years in a more tour and festival-loaded industry will bring them.