Moaning Lisa return with a new song for a new chapter, 'Something'

Last week we saw the much awaited return of Moaning Lisa, coming through with a song that feels like the beginning of a new chapter for the band, sharing their electric new single 'Something'.

It's been a few minutes since we last heard from the Canberra/Ngunnawal-born band, whose last release was 'Take You Out' back in mid-2019. Now based in Melbourne/Naarm, Moaning Lisa sat quietly throughout the last year and back home we've felt like they've been sitting on something big, something new. And it's now that we've seen a taste of what they're been up to, and it's all very very exciting.

We're very proud here to see what this band has become, having first seen them play around local venues like old Phoenix Pub to small crowds and opening touring festivals. But now the crowds have gotten bigger, the billing on festivals has gotten higher, and following suit is their sound - which is where the band delivers perfectly on 'Something'.

The explosive new single is both new and old Moaning Lisa - one to excite the old fans and draw in the new. 'Something' almost feels like a sequel to 'Carrie (I Want A Girl)', a song that details the things you see and admire in someone. The start of 'Something' does almost the same thing, detailing the characteristics of the person in question over dreamy guitars and ethereal layers. But the instrumentation changes swiftly as do the lyrics, crashing the dream and waking up to the reality of "She's not the one".

But that's not the tragedy of the song. 'Something' is an ode to the people in between who keep you grounded and help you through heartbreak recovery. To me, this song celebrates the platonic relationships that are there for you after breakups - and one very particular person comes to mind for that. I listen to the chorus of this song , thinking of that context, and she's the first person that comes to mind. I smile thinking about our friendship, and I smile thinking a Moaning Lisa song is once again making me feel all good and gooey inside.

There's been so many times Moaning Lisa have made me feel this way during their live sets, and if you too want to experience this, you can very soon. The band are taking the new single on the road this month and coming to Canberra on the 16th with local dream team Sesame Girl on support.

And like I said, 'Something' marks an exciting new chapter for the Canberra royals, bringing the news of their new signing with Farmer & The Owl, joining the label to meet with the likes of Hockey Dad, Bec Sandridge, and Bad//Dreems. The crew there do incredible stuff in the music industry, so seeing them love Moaning Lisa as much as we do is heartwarming and exciting to say the least.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next from Moaning Lisa as they embark on their next chapter. The past few years have been fantastic, and I'm sure the next few with be even more so.