Write Up

Morgues - Outer Space

The warm bedroom-pop single leads the announcement of them as the newest signing to Broth Records

It's been a hard start to the year with the past month feeling heavier than the previous two years combined. But it's times like these we turn to music for comfort, warmth, and a reminder that things are going to be okay.

And that's where I've found myself turning to Outer Space, the latest single from Sydney/Eora outfit Morgues, who share their new song along with the news of their signing to Broth Records.

The story of Morgues is a story of community and art at its finest. Celeste Dao and Cath Connell first met as internet friends, bonding over a mutual experience shooting a Gang of Youths show, along with their passions for photography and design. Music became the natural evolution of their relationship, building on the styles and textures of their art and turning it towards a sonic output. With Celeste bringing the sounds and Cath bringing the lyrics to the table, Morgues took to melding their two talents together and produces works like Animalistic and 2006 back in 2020.

And it's here we find Joji Malani, founder and director of Broth Records, hearing the latter while on shoot with fellow label signees Coconut Cream. He shares that "the photographer was playing some music to get everyone into the mood and '2006' by Morgues came on. I asked them a million questions about the band and just felt really connected to this song. I reached out to them via instagram and we met up for dumplings...".

Joji finds the community of music through what ends up being a "full-circle moment", when Oscar Saran of Coconut Cream is set to records with Morgues after initially meeting Cath at the Broth Records launch. This whole story is the embodiment of the community ethos Joji wanted in the label, making Morgues the appropriate next signing to Broth Records.

So that's where, in January 2022, we find Morgues sharing their much awaited follow-up single Outer Space. The track glares in atmospheric vocals, delicate guitars, and cushioning percussions, making for a cosy bedroom-pop sound that will keep you warm even in the coldest of days.

Elaborating on the song, Celeste shares "Outer Space is a love song for anxiety, space and dogs. Cath started writing this song at the very beginning of Morgues while thinking about the things she would like to do but struggles with due to anxiety, such as being in a relationship and going to unfamiliar places."

Cath adds on that "it’s like an argument with myself of ‘I want to do these things, I want to fall in love and go to space!’ but ‘I really love the familiarity of where I am right now, even if it means I’m missing out on doing the things I want to do".

So now with three great tracks under their belt and a great community label behind them, it's easy to imagine a bright future ahead of Morgues, and a bright future for us with Morgues in it.