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NIDALA - Colours of My People

100% carbon neutral, 'Colours of My People' is the beautiful debut EP from NIDALA, who shares the new work with the statement that she is one to watch in the future to come

There's an EP that came out one month ago today that no matter now late is highly worth sharing. So striking and groundbreaking that it can not go unspoken. The more played and looked into it, the more I fell in love with it. It's not just the sounds and textures, but the content and the process and the ideas behind the EP that make it stand out. It's truely something wonderful.

Colours of My People is the debut EP from Djugun woman NIDALA, who blends a mix of genres on each track to bring together four songs that each stand out so powerfully. Opening with lead single One Of Those Days, the Byron Bay/Bundjalung country-based performer reminds us of the importance of the necessity of healing and rest, and that's it's completely okay to wake up and say "no I'm making a cup of tea and going back to bed".

Expanding on the song, NIDALA said “This track is my ode to slowness. It's about the days you can't quite get to where you want to be, and everything feels foggy and hard. It's a reminder that we all deserve some rest. I wrote this song after hitting a point I think all of us have felt through covid. After routine went down the drain and we all tried to pretend like we could still match the outputs we achieved. It's about the realisation that maybe it was time for us to just sit down and rest."

It's a stunning single that's akin to the same impact as when we first heard Swim by Hope D. Like you listen to this song and think "Oh, we're in for something special here".

The rest of Colours of My People does the same thing. And when you dig a little deeper into the background of the EP, it gets even more special. The new release is a completely carbon neutral project from NIDALA, with 20% of proceeds going towards planting trees and a further 20% going towards funding Indigenous-run initiatives, like mental health services and creative mentoring.

And this, along with incredible songwriting and performance, is what makes NIDALA such a powerful activist/artist in the country. She is showing us ways in which music can connect to activism and community, demonstrating the importance of both culture and creativity and ways in which music can be used as a tool for creating change in the world - whether that be through inspiration or through tangible actions.

Colours of My People was made with NIDALA's three-piece band, which includes guitarist Matthew Collins and drummer Charity Turner, which started with the recording of One Of Those Days at a friends house in Byron, before securing funding with the help of producer Emily Toner to finish the EP at Rocking Horse Studio with Paul Pilsneniks mixing and Paul Blakey masting the record. It was released September 2nd via LUSTRE.