Premiere: Fiz gets us into shape with fun new video for debut single 'Orange'

Exactly like a shaken can of Sunkist being opened - comes Fiz, who exploded into our ears and hearts last month when they shared their debut single 'Orange', and today, we're excited to premiere for you the equally fun and energetic music video!

The song is as colourful and playful as you'd imagine from the Melbourne/Naarm singer-songwriter, but at the same time so different to what we're perhaps most use to, after falling in love with them during their time as a vocalist for Perth favourites Treehouses. Hearing the song for the first time came as both a surprise and a familiar sense of comfort and that's one of the reasons why I know we all just couldn't get enough of 'Orange' from the beginning.

There's so much warmth coming from Fiz's direction and in every corner of the track. Just listen to their vocals shine through the pure love and joyful lyrics, and the guitar tones paired with the horns section towards the end just radiate like a fireplace in winter. And then you get to see what Fiz has prepared with the music video, which just adds so much to the song and to our listening experience.

Donning the teal bodysuit, Fiz and takes us on a jazzercise session to dance and sweat our way through the nearly four-minute track and music video. Surrounded by nothing but orange and wearing matching facepaint, Fiz invites us to stretch and warm up during the song's intro - itself a warm up to the rest of the song to come. The chorus then hits and the session begins, with Fiz leading us through various movements and reps - like jogging on the spot, lunges, and burpees to name a couple that we get to run through.

It's so simple but so perfect what Fiz has made here for the music video. Like the song, the clip is fun, exciting, and engaging, and it also does something that we don't see much in other music videos - invites audience participation. Watching this you want to get involved and clear some space to follow along. And if you do, by the end of it, you feel fantastic. But if you don't, that's okay, because the song also leaves you feeling fantastic.

It's a great workout, and I definetely tried it already this week. It starts off pretty manageable, but the burpees get you in the end, and the murder run takes it out of you. I don't know how Fiz did it, nor how many times they filmed this to get it right, but I'll tell you it's fantastic. Even my housemate thinks so as he walked into the living room where I was doing this to complete confusion. But he thought it was great, so there you go.

Before I go to bed and let my body rest, be sure to check out the song in all the usual places, and go see them launch the single down at The Gaso in Melbourne with Eaglemont and Keaper on May 7.

And of course, go check out this music video. Then take notes and share your own workout on Tik Tok. Or at least share the video with friends - because a song and video like this is essential for a well balanced breakfast every morning.