Rose Bassett - Winning The Lottery

We premiere 'Winning The Lottery', the wonderful introductory track from Rose Bassett

It's always an exciting pleasure to show you something new on here. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does I get all jittery and bright-eyed about it, so eager to share it I'm telling friends at gigs "Hey, I've got a good one to share this week, watch out".

Well, it's happening again today - I'm getting all frizzled about premiering Winning The Lottery by Rose Bassett.

As the first single under her own name, it's a mighty impressive launch from the Melbourne artist. Just look at the assembled team working on this track - there's Sophie Payten (AKA Gordi) on production, Jono Steer (who's worked with Angie McMahon and Ainslie Wills to name a couple) engineered and mixed the track, and mastering by Becki Whitton, who's works include Alice Skye, Allday, and doing the lords work with Girls Rock! Canberra.

Written after her first panic attack, Rose invites listeners to hear her thoughts and experience of such an event, and the acceptance that this is a part of who she is. "I wanted to capture that feeling of confusion, that moment when you understand what's happening and that surreal realisation that this is a part of who you are.”

Working with a dream team as such has brought Winning The Lottery into the bright and confident final form that Rose envisioned it to be. “Getting to work so closely with Sophie and Jono was an incredible moment for me. They are both such lovely and wholesome humans, I’ve learnt so much from them both through this whole process.”

“There are just no words for how valuable working with Sophie has been for me. Her experience and support through the production and recording process has helped to make me a stronger artist, with more confidence in my own ideas and writing. I feel like I'm finally finding my sound.”

I love that for Rose. Check out some photos from the recording process at the end.

Building up from her background in jazz vocal training and Australian folk, Rose Bassett is gearing up for a strong 2022, with this and another single along the way - which of course we'll be waiting eagerly for. Until then, enjoy this fabulous track, and go see it live if you're in Melbourne on June 3rd at the Gasometer Hotel (Upstairs Band room) for the single launch.

Winning the Lottery is out on all good platforms this Wednesday 25th May.