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Suzi - Amelia

Suzi knows how to wrap you around her heartfelt songs and she's done it once again with her first single of the year

Suzi is one of the most relatable and loveable songwriters around right now who's making a swift repertoire of folk-rock ballads that you can't not adore. Take her latest single Amelia as reason for why her songwriting shouldn't go underestimated.

The single, released last month, details how the harmful things people say can have real impact on people, asking the question if that person feels good about themselves. The opening verse paints out how hurtful comments can linger around someone and haunt them for longer than the offender can even remember. Suzi's writes about these comments made in highschool and how they've grown into a continuing fear of becoming the person the bullies said they'd be; like not ever amounting to anything in life, just like they said.

It's been a time since I was in that setting almost ten years ago, but I still remember the things people said about me and how they still affect me day to day. I've had loads of comments made about my voice and it still makes me want to stay quiet and not speak sometimes.

Amelia is the persona of a bully that hurls shitty comments towards others to feel better about themselves, with Suzi asking them the question if they actually do feel better about themselves. It's a power move to throw that question back on the other people, showing how pathetic their words are and how unimpressive it is to be mean.

The song, first shared in an acoustic Cake Sessions video back in January, marks a strong full-band return for the Melbourne/Naarm singer-songwriter, who last year debuted her full band with Figure It Out before sharing her lockdown acoustic EP I Like It Better Indoors.

We hope to hear soon what Suzi's been working on with her live band, but until then, it's good to know we're not alone and everything's going to be okay.