Taylah Carroll's 'To Please Ya' is an indie-folk bop to get around this week

I can't quite put a finger on who it is the latest Taylah Carroll single reminds me of. There's moments throughout I find myself thinking "this is great it's just like..." and that's where I draw a blank. But maybe that's because 'To Please Ya' is embodying and reaching all corners of the indie-folk realm we've heard come out of Australia that it's uneasy to pin an artist like Taylah to one single comparison.

But at the end of the day, who honestly cares who sounds like who and who takes inspiration from whom. The singer-songwriter is sounding amazing in this new single that came out on Friday. 'To Please Ya' is one for the portfolio, with Taylah demonstrating her talent as a performer and songwriter through the song's playful and memorable hooks and vocal lines.

The song is what you might think it's about - an exploration into the artist's tendency to please others, told through a fun and 100% danceable sound, brought out perfectly through guitars and, my person favourite, a Wurlitzer. Taylah expanded on this by saying “There’s a naivety to this song and the way that it was written that I really wanted to be translated into the production. When Tim Harvey and I were working on the recording I got to play his beautiful Wurlitzer, which lends a really nostalgic, and playful energy to the instrumentation of the track”.

A song like this may be diving into the origins of the Melbourne/Naarm singer-songwriter, with Taylah also sharing that at a young age she would sing and sing until those around her got sick of it, so she'd take her performance elsewhere. And I love that for her honestly, because today we get to hear an artist that's making music so clearly coming from somewhere special.

It's one if you're a fan of literally anything Australian indie-folk. Julia Jacklin, Jess Locke, Grace Turner. The lot of them. And if you are into it, which you are obviously, then you can see it live and in person on March 19th down at The Old Bar in Melbourne. But if you're like me and very much not living in Melbourne, then the link's below are the next best thing to catch the rest of Taylah Carroll's discography that's sure worth checking out.