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The Buoys - Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster

The Sydney/Eora band's latest offering is a showcasing moment of the superb songwriting this band is capable of.

The hype and build up for their sophomore EP has come to fruition this week as The Buoys share with us their anticipated new release Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster.

It all started back in May when the Sydney/Eora group shared Bad Habit, a song that screamed a strong return with punk-fuelled instrumentations and anthemic vocal lines as lead singer Zoe belts out "Cause I don't want to fall, don't want to fall in love again". It harnesses much the same raw and untethered energy that we heard only recently with their 2020 EP All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere, sending us back into a place of excitement for new Buoys music.

Then a couple of months later The Buoys shared their second single that felt like the debut of a new sound for them, with Lie To Me Again coming across with an unapologetic pop-driven foundation and matured songwriting. Upon first listen I could feel that it was something of a new chapter from the band, that it's not going to be the last time we hear something like this.

Lie To Me Again came as that perfect heartbreak anthem that echos everything we love about Olivia Rodrigo's Traitor or Good 4 U (or just what whole album because why not). The pre-chorus builds up for a drop that doesn't disappoint, crashing into the chorus with

"You could never stay just like you said. Nothing that you did what what you meant. Lie to me again, lie to me again. I would be surprised if you could see just how much you fucking meant to me. Lie to me again, lie to me again".

Phwoah. Its impact is incredible and shows just how unstoppable this band is. Towards the end you get one last take at chorus which now shares the space with new vocal layers and shifts in pitch, giving a final battle moment to the narrative that lands this song as one that's going to make its way onto many end of year favourites just as it's going to do on mine.

And then finally, mid this week we were served a delicious main course meal that came in the form of Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster, marking the band's second EP in the few years they've been with us.

The rest of the EP shares in the same design as the pre-release singles, delivering four more songs that each get a spectacular moment in the spotlight. They all come together so nicely as a portfolio piece highlighting exactly what The Buoys are capable of and what makes them one of those bands that should be on each must watch lists across the internet.

Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster is a strong hand and an impressive statement to say that The Buoys are here to stay and here to impress, which you'll get to experience next time you see them live. I've seen them live twice now and both time I walked away wishing for more. Well now more is here and it's packaged in this new EP that will keep you in good company until we get to see The Buoys again.