Lily Morris - Back and Forth

Braidwood local Lily Morris showcases her much awaited sophomore single in a time we needed it most.

There's been a couple of times I've been completely mesmerised by local talent in this city - where I've felt drawn in through their live sets each and every time, stemming from their debut gig. It feels like you've come across something special in the works, and you hope to remember this time for later when the artist is playing venues much larger than the cafes and pubs they started in.

That's how I feel about Lily Morris, who today we get to premiere for you her new single Back and Forth.

Since her inaugural performance as a solo artist, Lily has been on everyone's To Watch lists, including Quivers, Jess Locke, and Hachiku who asked her to share the stage with them (but unfortunately lockdowns got the best of them). Time and time again Lily has made the trek from her hometown of Braidwood, to Canberra/Ngunnawal to perform, and each time she's left listeners something to talk about on the drive home.

A lot of that is her songwriting. Lily writes about life living in a small town and the things her and her friends do to entertain themselves. Just ask her about it and she'll tell you the best stories that make you wish you could grow up alongside her.

Lily's relationship between Braidwood and the nation's capital is written about in her self-recorded single Back and Forth, where between the country-folk guitar tones and harmonica intro's and outro's, Lily sings about always returning home no matter where she goes. You get this real sense that Lily knows her NSW hometown like the back of her hand, and that she is always warmly welcomed and equally excited to come back.

The single follows her 2020 debut Grand Illusions, which became one of Courtney Barnett's Bandcamp favourites last year. Over this time, Lily has also fallen more and more in love with the stage, playing for Cathy Diver, s.wells, Welly, and more recently Strawberry Prince.

Alongside Lily is also some of the city's brightest and best, with Domonic Gorman, Frances Roper, Yasmine Hosseini, and Haddie Davies featuring on the track, her brother Edmund Morris mixing and mastering the song, along with Cathy Diver and Ashleigh Hazel helping with the production.

Back and Forth comes out tomorrow, January 28, in all good places, and you can catch Lily love hopefully very soon. But until then it's good to have new Lily Morris to keep us company and help us feel safe.