Keaper - Day By Day

The thunderous, anthemic new single from this Melbourne/Naarm band makes it one of our favourites of the year

I've been a fan of Keaper since their inception a couple of year ago, back when the only way I could hear their music was through this one demo track, Red, uploaded on Instagram, and that one demo track was all I needed to know this was a band I needed to follow closely. This was supported by a friend, who I messaged after seeing he was a mutual follower of the band. What he told me only boosted the anticipation for the music Keaper were soon to release, and in the end it all paid off wonderfully.

In the early months of 2021, the Melbourne/Naarm band formally released what they had spent the previous year working on, starting with the dreamy I'll Find, an Alpine-reminiscent dreampop track that felt like a two-minute preview of what the band was capable of. Keaper were establishing their brand well through photography, art and cinema that complimented their music perfectly. With all their creative ambitions at play, they shared Wasted Light, the track that would be the lead single for their debut EP Duality, opened by the track Red, the electric and aforementioned song that started my admiration for Keaper.

That's why I'm so stoked to be premiering for you all this morning Keaper's first single of the year Day By Day, and the news of it being the first of their upcoming sophomore EP.

Day By Day is a dream for any bedroom-indie-shoegaze fans. The sound is something they got so right last year, but this time around you can hear them starting to push the limits with their most triumphant and anthemic song to date. We start out in a familiar setting - hazy guitars and fuzzy vocals drawing you in for a fast approaching chorus that will take you back. Keaper turn the dial up and expel a brilliant tension and release through the vocals and a screaming lead guitar. This climatic scene of the song was that moment of assurance that when we told you Keaper were up to something special, this is it.

The thunderous track comes from a place of pent us frustration on the uncertainty of lockdowns and the separation between loved ones. And now the track joins us from a different, but equally frustrating chapter in this country, where it feels like every day you just was to have a good scream.

Day By Day captures that feeling well through the chorus, throwing down like paint splashed across a canvas in an explosion of colour. In amongst the verses and bridge we find three repeats of the chorus that unleash and amplify the themes of the song.

Along with new music this month, Keaper are also part of the St Kilda Festival's New Music Competition, which means you can check out their live set here (and maybe leave a vote if you love what you're hearing). They've also got a few shows coming up around Victoria, stopping by the Post Office Hotel with Brigitte Bardini on the 18th and The Volta in Ballarat with Blue Veddar and Garage Sale on the 25th.

Check out Day by Day below.

Day By Day comes out February 18th in all good places.