Placement - Lost Sun

The Adelaide/Kaurna Land band have shown a strong hand in their debut release, and it's a sign that there's much to look forward to in the future.

One of the best new bands you'll hear from year has got to be Placement. They're only two songs into their lifespan but so far they've shown incredible promise for what's to come in the future. Well we're one step closer this week to that future, with the band sharing their debut EP Lost Sun tomorrow Friday 22nd - but this morning we're excited to be premiering it for you first.

Coming to us out of Adelaide/Kaurna Land, the band introduced themselves at the start of the year with their debut single Harder, a track that instantly threw a spotlight onto them for their tight-knit post-punk mix of hazy guitars, groove-driven bass, and commanding spoken word vocals. It's hard not to draw comparisons to bands like Dry Cleaning upon first listen, but not just in the sense of their sonic similarities, but also in their similar strengths in songwriting.

Towards the back-end of winter we got entree number 2 with the release of Lost Sun, the track that would later become the opening and title-track of the EP. The sophomore single cemented the band as a must watch of the year with the song's road-trip style feel and atmospheric chanting backing vocals. Lost Sun earned Placement a spot amongst some of the finest post-punk groups in the country, thinking along the lines of Mere Women and Gold Class. Australia has some real talent in this realm of music, and it's now time we recognise Placement as one of them.

Expanding of the song, lead vocalist Malia Wearn shared "I wanted the words to invoke the haze and the heat and the lethargy. The way temperature and scents can draw you back through time and connect you with submerged memories."

This all circle back now to this week, with the South Australian group ready to share with us their next chapter of many with the Lost Sun EP. The band's first major release comes with the two aforementioned tracks opening the EP, with their third and final track one that's yet to be shared.

Disintegrate is yet another track to instantly love. It's essence of what makes it so good is that it can be broken down into three distinct parts. The first part of the almost-six minute song gives listeners a slow break from the noise, with ambient instrumentation, washed vocals, and bass drum driven percussion leading the song behind a beautiful clarinet solo. After a couple of minutes the band throw you back in the regularly schedule program with the frantic guitars coming back that add the same certain charm that Bench Press perfected.

The finale of the song sees Placement end on a high note, with all the band crashing together almost cinematically to close off what's sure to be a memorable first release. It leads you to think of what else this band has to offer in the future, and leaves you feeling excited at the thought of it.

I sure am excited for this band. Lost Sun is an impressive portfolio piece for a band still in their first year, and I can't wait to see what's to come in the years to follow. But until then, sit back and enjoy these three wonderful tracks from the wonderful band that is Placement.