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Fix - Ripe

The Melbourne/Naarm performer is back with a tribute to sunshine, good friends and grapefruit

If there's one thing you can guarantee when it comes to new music from Fiz, it's that you're going to be in for a wholesome time, and that's exactly what they deliver on their latest single Ripe.

The Melbourne/Naarm performer did much the same back in March when they released their debut track Orange, a quirky indie song that perfectly introduced Fiz to the world as a bright, warm, and welcoming songwriter who finds inspiration in the nicest moments, like the sun on a rainy day taking over the living room in a soft orange glow.

A few months on and Fiz is ready to share with us their sophomore single that comes from much the same inspiration.‍ Ripe is an uplifting ballad about the rare moments of clarity where we remember that things are going to be okay, and to reflect on those we keep closest.

With a fingerstyle electric and a whistling hook setting up the foundations of the song, Ripe comes as a reminder to stop and breathe and to take a moment to yourself - like the equivalent of those memes that remind you to drink water. It's a song for self-care and comfort and that's a bit of what we need sometimes.

Produced by Alex Moses of Columbus, Ripe is a song to add to your rotation every once in a while for some routine scheduled cleansing, bringing much the same love and care that Nicole's Express does from our neighbours Carb on Carb. So if you like that, then you'll love what Fiz is doing and what they are probably going to continue in the future.

The country needs a little bit of love right now, so I'm thankful for Fiz and their brand of wholesome, heartwarming music to help with each day.