Yasmine Hosseini shares her first of the year with 'Carrots'

I first saw Yasmine Hosseini when she played a house show in Canberra sometime two years ago, having just relocated to the city from the other side of the country, and I was incredibly excited by this. I was so drawn to Yasmine's voice and performance on that warm afternoon I felt like I could sit and watch her play forever.

And I feel this way every time I watch her play. The last time was sometime over the summer in the city, and my eyes were glued to the seamless performance she gave. The chatter in the room made me want to stand up and tell everyone to be quiet, because everyone should have been paying extra close attention to that set.

The charisma and joy Yasmine radiates in her performance is felt in her recordings, and you can hear this in her latest single 'Carrots'. The bedroom-dream-pop song has all the surf rock influence and twangy reverb guitars we know and love from the Canberra/Ngunnawal artist, building the warm foundations for Yasmine to come in and sweep us away with her voice - which is particularly welcome during the song's chorus where you feel at ease and comforted by the melody.

The songs feels extra special too when you see that the song was independently recorded and performed all by Yasmine, with her also handling her own album artwork. It makes everything to do with this song feel so personal and honest for us, the listeners, to experience. It's one of the things that drew me to DIY in the first place, is hearing and seeing the artist shine through their work in not only the music but the production, the recording, the artwork, the promotion.

'Carrots' comes as Yasmine Hosseini's first release this year and debut under local favourite collective Undine Records, all coming together to start the next exciting chapter for the singer-songwriter. You can't help but wonder what Yasmine is going to do next and what the rest of this chapter will look, and sound, like.

Yasmine has a couple of performances coming up soon which are so worth it everytime. One is our next Sounds from the Suburbs at Gang Gang Cafe with s.wells and Suli, the other is with Hachiku on their album tour down at Gorman Arts with Paint Store. Make sure you check them both out this month!