Yours, Georgina is sure to keep your heart yearning for a while with debut single 'Bout Of Heartbreak'

As I sit to write this the weather outside has turned from the beautiful, false spring days that we have had here in the past week or so to the grey, cold, wet existence people on Ngunnawal country come to expect for eight months of the year. Alongside that we, along with many other Australians have been placed in lockdowns, with the end in sight but threatening to keep moving further away.

On bleak days like this, I can think of nothing better than sitting in my room and listening to beautiful sad songs on repeat and today, we have a new song to throw into the playlist, the debut single from Naarm’s Yours, Georgina Bout Of Heartbreak.

FKA Georgie Currie, Yours, Georgia is the metamorphosis for Naarm singer songwriter as they take a step in a more realised, intimate, and vulnerable direction addressing us with this:

Dear friend, it has been too long since I saw you. There are so many things I always wanted to change about myself, but I never knew where to start. I cut my hair and fell in love with reds and blues and greens. I tried on different clothes and different feelings. I adopted a cat and thought about giving up on music altogether. I couldn't.”

Bout of Heartbreak captures the intangibles of what that open letter feels like so beautifully. Opening with pads and keys that instantly transport you to a dreamscape where you are greeted by a voice somewhere between Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift yet all their own. The arrangement is so well done on this, each layer building the feelings and scenes of the lyrics. The chorus is an instant ear worm, reminding me of being fourteen sitting in my room and singing choruses about falling in love with a fictional, perfect neighbour, it is perfectly honest and real and comes across that way in the astounding vocal delivery and arrangement. This song sits perfectly for me in being universal but clearly from a specific personal place, the lyrics are addressed at an individual most of us will probably never meet but hold a universal feeling that I know I immediately tapped into.

“Still I feel so good about you, And though I’m only, two and two. I’ve had a big enough bout of heartbreak to last me a while.”

It is a real pleasure getting to write for this site and get to experience great new Australian music. This is an incredibly impressive and exciting debut for an artist we will be sure to keep our eyes on for future releases.

Obviously at time of writing there aren’t many shows happening for you to be able to go experience the best of Australian music, and for many in the music scene times are tough. We encourage you to go buy music from platforms like Bandcamp or any merch that bands have to offer, as a way to show them your support.