Appropriately, Tilly VW's 'Young Lovers Do' is an indie pop anthem for young lovers

There’s three certainties in life: death, taxes, and good emerging artists coming from Melbourne. It’s like a Mary Poppins bag of endless supply - just reach in and find an ever-flowing river of good new music and good new artists coming from that city.

And well, here’s another one for you. Tilly VW has just released her debut single Young Lovers Do and it’s very very good.

It’s a gentle track that sees the singer-songwriter explore the nature and turbulences of young love and heartbreak, performed over a steady guitar-base that slowly feeds into a full-band finale - accompanied by a soulful choir and all. The music video that comes with the song is the perfect visual narrative that dances between footage of a young couple and two kids, playing with the idea of innocence and purity in relationships.

Filmed on a Super 8 camera, the clip feels as real as can be, like the footage was lifted straight out of the old family tapes, which makes the song feel so honest and heartfelt. Like you can feel it by just listening to the song alone - but you can also feel it if you watch the music video on mute. But put the two together and you have a beautifully constructed narrative that absolutely sells the love story.

Young Lovers Do sets the Melbourne/Naarm artist into motion with a sound akin to Stella Donnelly or Julia Jacklin. Tilly’s voice glides through the verses before being met by a choir of harmonies for the hook where she follows with the line that is equal hopeful and heartbreaking:

And I feel so alive, with everything I’m feeling tonight

I know I will cry, for everything I’m feeling tonight

Sharing on the song, Tilly said “‘Young Lovers Do’ was written at a point in my life where I was between two significant relationships that shaped me immensely. I had just experienced a ridiculously earnest relationship, where the other person was a lot more invested than me. But the writing of the song was intensely prophetic of a relationship that was about to crash unexpectedly into my life. Suddenly, I had become the narrator I had created: painfully earnest and dramatic.

Have a listen, have a cry, and make sure to keep an eye on Tilly VW because if we’re not careful she might just go and release new music soon that will blow us away.

You can find Tilly VW on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Unearthed