• Travis Salviejo

Azim Zain is at his best with You Just Hit The Jackpot, Tiger

Photo by Gabriel Menzies

I often listen to songs and think "wow – I wish I wrote that". The first time I heard the latest single from Azim Zain and His Lovely Bones You Just Hit the Jackpot, Tiger was one of those moments.

Musically the song is beautifully crafted with Azim’s trademark melodic as hell guitar parts, huge sounding drums, subtle yet effective bass parts and beautifully crafted organ sounds blend so well with Azim’s voice. The vocal performance on this one is spectacular as well, Azim getting a chance to show off his incredible range shifting from the near spoken while still melodic verses to the classic almost screamed double vocal in the chorus, the was Azim sings has always been one of the things I love most about his music and this is no exception.

Beyond the song’s incredible musicality the story told through the lyrics and their pairing with the music has made this my favourite release from Canberra’s prodigal son. It’s hard writing about a break up or the end of a relationship but in this song Azim so beautifully tells the story from his own view without coming across as bitter or resentful. The song from after the second chorus (the bridge) shifts its feeling, dropping down for a moment as the character in the song is resigned to leave the place that they are. It’s a beautiful moment that draws listeners in and for me, makes them feel what the character is going through. The concept of home is a reoccurring one for Azim and it returns here in the bridge, but rather than the searching for home motif from previous single Holiday Home we see Azim struggle here with not feeling at home in a place that isn’t his, a feeling that resonates deeply with me and I’m sure many others.

Well I’ve been ready to go, My bags are packed at your door

This house is not my home I know it’s yours it’s yours

Well I’ve made my peace, you can always find me on King Street

Cause I’ll admit that I’m the one who asked to leave

This song for me is the embodiment of what makes Azim (and his incredible band) so talented, the music is incredible and serves the lyrics so well, the lyrics feel real and tell a familiar story in a new way and together they form an incredible single that has already been making waves in the music community, premiering on Pilerats and getting spins on triple j Unearthed radio.

This is the third single from Azim and the bone squad since late 2019 and if the songs are any indication of the release that this is building to I am confident in saying that we may have a moment defining release for Azim coming in what is I hope the not too distant future.

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