Beckah Amani’s ‘STANDARDS’ is equal parts beautiful, important, and impactful

Coming across the most recent single from Beckah Amani felt akin to taking a long, deep breath - for STANDARDS is both refreshing and sunny in its sound, but also impactful and honest in its lyrical content.

Written during the recent Black Lives Matter movement that we saw both internationally and domestically in June, the Gold Coast singer-songwriter reflects heavily on her experiences with racism as a POC and the standards that are set by people of privilege, performed over a finger-picked acoustic guitar and stunningly dynamic vocals. Just listen to the song and get a taste of what this soulful artist can do with her voice. Beckah demands your attention with her vocal dynamics and range, something that makes this song so striking, especially when it’s paired with the organic, stripped-back acoustic guitar.

So performance-wise - STANDARDS a truly beautiful song. But you get this juxtaposition through the lyrical content of what Beckah is singing about. In a Facebook post made upon the song’s release earlier this month, Beckah wrote:

I wrote it right at the height of the BLM protests in June when I was forced to really address how racism effected me growing up and changed how I viewed myself and how I acted. As I reflected I realised that I didn’t have to live up to anyone else’s beauty standards anymore, or change my personality or distance myself from my heritage to fit in, make friends, be accepted in and fit the norm. I realised that I could speak up about equality and social justice without fearing that I wouldn’t be heard or be ignored.

STANDARDS all-round is an incredible single that you can’t not fall in love with. The two-and-a-half minute long song, from start to finish, gives something new and honest to the listener with each new line - new truths as Beckah opens up about her experiences, and new vocal performances that continue to demonstrate the vibrant range this singer can reach.

Listen to this song a few times over and I guarantee it will give you goosebumps, as it did for me.

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