BLOCKED’s ‘all for you’ is a perfect blend of bedroom, indie, and emo

I came across this artist last night and my immediate thought was that all of our loyal and valued readers should know about this person. Her name is BLOCKED and her music is absolutely delightful, particularly her latest single ‘all for you’.

Within seconds of listening to the song you know you’re in for something special, with the drums leading you into a steady lofi space that feels on par to a Snail Mail or Frankie Cosmos song. The lush and flowery guitars fill the dreamy soundscape like a touch of cream to your coffee, making everything a little sweeter in this bedroom/indie-pop jam. Then feel the minty-fresh touch of BLOCKED’s vocals as they swim through the song that should sell the Melbourne/Naarm maestro as your new favourite discovery this week.

As I began digging around with this song on repeat, I came across BLOCKED’s instagram page where I found the bio “my third wish has always been three more” and if you did the same thing as I did and you sung that like Modern Baseball, then I’d have to recommend for you BLOCKED’s most recent EP ‘still here (and even if you didn’t, I’d still recommend it).

A listen into the EP is where you can hear the smorgasbord of incredible influences come through, with bands like Tigers Jaw, Clairo, Charmer, beabadoobee, La Dispute, and girl in red just to name a few (seriously, go have a look at BLOCKED’s inspiration playlist and see an endless list of bands we all love).

‘still here’ sees BLOCKED explore all these genres in one go, with songs like ‘sorry’ highlighting the emo-influenced side of the singer-songwriter, and the track that follows ‘never want to feel’ ending the EP on a kind, acoustic piece that wraps up this short release perfectly.

Again, I only found all this last night, but I can’t get enough of BLOCKED and her music. I could listen to it all day and knowing me, I probably will. And if you give this and the EP a listen, I’m sure you’ll do the same.

You can find BLOCKED on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed