Carla Geneve continues to be the best with 'Dog Eared'

Photo by Duncan Wright

It's been three years since we were first introduced to Perth local Carla Geneve through her breakout track 'Greg's Discount Chemist' - a song which instantly threw her into the Australian music spotlight and in the process crowning her as one to keep an eye on. Everyone knew that whatever Carla was going to do next was going to be special, but we didn't know it was all going to be this special.

Carla went on to release some bloody excellent songs that we all fell in love with upon each release date - with each song feeling more and more relatable through her down-to-earth, storytelling approach to songwriting. 'Things Change' from her self-titled debut EP comes to mind here as we see Carla piling on the small things that change over time, building to a bigger picture of how our lives can suddenly feel so different without noticing.

It's this bigger picture songwriting that's made so many, including myself, fall in love with the Albany-native. And after the past year of more superb releases, I'm incredibly excited by her most recent release and announcement, sharing with us 'Dog Eared' that will feature on her upcoming debut album Learn To Like It.

Carla unleashes on this single in a way we haven't heard before, tapping into a form of cathartic energy that we're warmed up to right at the start through the line "I've been listening to screamo, I've been feeling real emo again". 'Dog Eared' taps into the mind of mid-teen Carla for three-and-a-half minutes of adolescent rebellion and nostalgia, one that we see in the song's music video that sees Carla and friends reliving the same punk-esque attitude the song is built around.

The song was written after Carla finished one of her classes where she teaches music, where she found herself reflecting on the raw energy that was in that room full of teenagers. Driving home and feeling inspired, Carla took to writing a song that captured that recklessness and violence, resulting in what we hear today.

'Dog Eared' is the third track we've heard from Carla Geneve in the past year that will feature on Learn To Like It, joining 2020 singles 'Don't Wanna Be Your Lover' and 'The Right Reasons'. That leaves us with seven tracks in the bank, which we'll soon get to hear on the the album's release date on April 23.

I can't wait to hear this album. Watching Carla release song after song and be continually surprised and amazed by what she does, I can guarantee this record is going to be one to love, share, and cherish forever. Until then, soak up 'Dog Eared', and if you haven't already, do the same for the rest of her discography. It's all very very good.

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