• Travis Salviejo

Cry Club showing why you should be a member with their debut Album 'God I'm Such a Mess'

Photo: Giulia McGauran

Sometimes you meet people and you just know they are made of special stuff. I was very fortunate to cross paths with Jono and Heather while I was studying at the University of Wollongong where I knew Jono as a musical genius and Heather was one of the intimidating over the top performance students. Well here we are almost five years later, and Jono and Heather are at the core of the incredible pop/punk/dance/electronic/math/feelsy band Cry Club who just a few weeks ago released their debut album God I’m Such a Mess.

Made up of the eight singles we’ve been drip fed for the past two years God I’m Such a Mess has been long anticipated by fans of Cry Club, taking the scene by storm in 2018 and not showing any signs of stopping soon. The songs range from the in your face, statement that is DFTM, to the uplifting One Step to the heartbreaking love song that is Don’t Go (my personal favourite) and that’s all just in the first three tracks. This album has something for everyone, a song for every mood and a story worth listening to in each track. For anyone wondering if the recorded material could live up to the live show (best in the country for my money) it does in so many ways, the big songs are big, and context of an album means that dynamics and space can be played with a lot more. Another interesting difference is the treatment of Heather’s voice, especially on Lighters (released as a single earlier this year) as the pitch correction and auto-tune swells in quite a unique and effective way as the song progresses, adding to the emotional colour delivered on what otherwise is the most raw of all the tracks.

Lyrically the album deals with a whole range of stories from; the rage felt around the anti-marriage equality sentiments before the plebiscite, not wanting to be bothered at a show or while out and about, heart break, anxiety, friendships (bad ones) and wanting to (and succeeding to) be a badass. My favourite Cry Club song was one that they made me wait for the album to hear but I’m so glad I can finally listen to it on repeat like I have longed to for so long, Don’t Go is a song I have literally cried thinking about (it was a hard day alright). And for me it is a great snapshot of who Cry Club is and their range. Featuring a guitar part that could easily be comfortable in an emo/alt rock track, drums that trick you into thinking they’re going to be straight but are actually super complex, the gritty bass that acts as a bed for all the action on top and Heather’s beautiful voice that is defiantly a driving force in the verses but then ascends to another level in the chorus where Jono’s voice subtlety joins it which is always a nice touch and then as the song builds we get that giant last chorus where Heather flexes their vocal chops giving us the beautiful vocal runs at the ends of phrases. Seriously this song gets me right in the heart every time I hear it in the best way.

Don’t go Fall in Love

Don’t go Mess it up

Don’t go fall in love wit out me

Stay now if you can

Stay now hold my hand

Don’t go fall in love without me

In the lead up to this album the band did a series of really cool and fun explanations for some of the songs on the album where they talk about lyrical inspiration, recording processes, tour stories and of course memes, I highly recommend it for anyone who is a fan of the classic banter that the band always brings, it’s like a genus video but more fun and charming.

I would hope that people already knew about Cry Club before this album, for me they are one of if not the most captivating, important and creative groups in the country, and this album proves it, I hope that we see this be the start of Cry Club’s further rise to dominance in the Australian music scene and we hope you, like us here are apart of the club.

You can find Cry Club on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed