Droves are releasing stadium-ready dance punk with latest single 'View'

This next song is one that upon first listen, I feel in love with. If fact I knew we were in for a treat within the first fifteen seconds, hearing a crashing sound of drums warming listeners up the exciting, high energy performance to come. 'View' is the latest in a slow but steady release cycle from Droves, but with the long wait between new music, I'm sure fans are feeling that it's all worth it.

The Wollongong-based band shared the song last week, and it's a massive release. But that's no surprise if you listen back to their small but incredible discography. Along with this song, their music feel festival-ready with big moments and sounds blaring from the speakers. Droves are making post-punk that you can dance and march to, unleashing a similar energy we know and love Cry Club and Mere Women for. It's a spectacular sound that I can not wait to see in person one day.

Listening to 'View' over and over, and over again this week I kept hearing elements of Boy & Bear in the vocals, bringing me back to my golden era of indie rock ten years ago. Alongside those emotions we get the intricate blend of dance and punk that the band work to achieve so perfectly. The chorus hits and it's a big bop, cementing itself into your mind as the vocals lead "You’ll resign another piece of you, give up a memory, enjoy the view" in time to the beat. I can't stop thinking about this moment in the song, as it now lives rent-free in my head.

I'm madly in love with what Droves are doing here, and had to listen back to their previous releases to see if this is what they've always been doing. And yeah, they have been, and now I feel foolish for not listening to them sooner. Their previous release before this, 'Cannibals' embodies what I think this band is doing that makes them so special - post-punk made for nightclubs about eating the rich. Brilliant.

Like I said, it's music for the movement but also for the dancefloor, and now that I've gotten a taste of Droves, I can not wait to hear what's next from them to come.

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