Get lost in the sounds of Indigo Sparke's latest single 'Everything Everything'

Photo by Adrianne Lenker

Upon reading the backstory behind the origins of this next song, whilst having it play peacefully on repeat , I can't help but feel the warmth and experience in the music and performance of the song.

'Everything Everything' is the breathtaking new single from Indigo Sparke, who shares this song with the announcement of a release date of her debut album 'Echo'.

The Sydney-born singer-songwriter performs her new song with such delicacy and vulnerability that I would dare not to breath upon seeing it live. It's a song that can silence a room, and serve as the soundtrack to one's life that's going through a big change. Throughout the song there's an intricate dance and struggle between the guitar and piano - the guitar follows the same pattern throughout and feels safe, comforting, and familiar, whereas the piano feels a little more sporadic, coming in kindly and ringing out with a eery, waving texture. In the music video for this song paints this picture perfectly.

Around this is Indigo's vocals that lay softly over these two instruments, performed like a lullaby and feels as comforting and safe as one, and draws the song to a close with some solemn spoken-word.

Indigo Sparke shared that this goes back to a moment where she met a man who invited her to stay in his empty spare room in Brooklyn. "I borrowed this little parlour guitar of his and completely fell in love. I just sat in that room for hours and days playing around and just laying next to the guitar looking at the ceiling thinking about life and death and the poetry of it all".

"It was so hot and the wind almost blew through from a different dimension or plane. I guess the song came through from that place too. It just came out. I can almost still feel that time on my skin, or in my breath."

This is where I feel the song writing itself in a moment like that. Sitting in a hot bedroom writing to the feeling of the warm New York air. I'm reminded of that scene in The Great Gatsby film where they all go to drink and party in that hot apartment, then Nick stands by the open window and you hear the harsh jazz play to the blistering heat.

'Everything Everything' evokes the sense of sweltering heat as you listen to it. Or maybe it's just because I'm listening to this in that exact weather right now. Either way, it's a song to get completely lost in on these sleepy warm summer nights, as I am while I write this.

This song comes with the news that her debut album 'Echo' will be released on February 19 via Sacred Bones. I'm excited for this record, having only heard of Indigo Sparke upon this latest single. But immediately I'm taken back by it. I'm hooked now, and very interested to hear what's to come from this artist.

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