• Travis Salviejo

Ghostgum unveil long-awaited debut single 'Overnight'

Photo by Tristan Clark

You know when you are eating a bag of chips and you get one chip that just has like a thousand times the seasoning on it and it was unexpected but in the best possible way? That’s what this new Ghostgum single is like. I have been familiar with Ghostgum since seeing them play at No Front Fences 2019 and I have been enraptured ever since. Live they present as an incredibly talented and unique duo showcasing incredible harmonies, virtuosic guitar playing and beautifully written songs, I thought they had it all.

Overnight proves that this pair have so much more range than I first assumed. Immediately the sound of the layered electric guitar parts took me by pleasant surprise and the few subtle flourishes defiantly told me it was the same incredible guitar player I knew. And then, the vocals kicked in and I was enraptured. With a stellar melody line weaving its way around the guitar and beautifully placed counter melodies introduced in another guitar part I thought that this had to be the final step in the Ghostgum story.

Nope. Those drums! Deceptively simple but unique all at the same time, not over playing to take away from the other parts but still making its voice heard, and the mix? Truly I am a big fan of the engineer on this just for that snare sound, chefs kiss. The addition of the male vocal in the chorus bring back those breathtaking harmonies I was familiar with everything blending together so masterfully. The build at the end of the chorus, the surprise synth, the feel, everything about this song has me hooked.

The way the song gets brought down is like finally being able to take a breath after dancing too hard with your best friends and allows for the spectacular guitar playing to ease us out of the song. Lyrically the song paints an incredible picture with vivid imagery that gives insight into themes of anxiety and fear in a really honest and real way that is heartbreaking and beautiful all at once.

And I remember, the prayer mum said, In case I died in my bed,

And I’m not one to say Amen, But I’m fragile now as I was then.

I am such a fan of this single (as you can probably tell) and I cannot wait to hear more from Ghostgum in what I hope is the not too distant future. I am curious however as to how this might translate to a live context (when safe and appropriate to do so, will the duo expand to replicate this sound, or will they continue to play in their haunting and beautiful duo form? Either way I think we win.

You can find Ghostgum on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Unearthed