• Travis Salviejo

I've been holding out on listening to Alexander Biggs for far too long

I am notorious for having artists on my ‘I need to check them out’ list that it takes me far too long to get to. Alexander Biggs shamefully has been one of those artists for a while now, first coming onto my radar when some friends saw them in late 2018, supporting Amy Shark and were raving about their set. Finally, more than two years later I have stopped being a fool and checked out the music and if this latest single is anything to go off of, I am a big fan.

'I’ve Been Holding Onto You For Way Too Long' is the latest release as we head toward the release of the full album, slated for early 2021 and I must say I am a massive fan of everything about this song. Musically it is simple yet beautiful, primarily relying on down strums on the guitar for harmonic and rhythmic drive while some wonderfully ethereal piano adds colour and little flourishes that take this song to another level. The very minimal drums that kick in during the first chorus is a really nice touch, adding layers to the track. The vocal line is really effective, simple and clear, it delivers the story of the track in a really eloquent way that adds emotional colour to the lyrics without feeling like it’s a musical number (nothing wrong with musicals for the record).

I almost get a flatsound vibe from this track, it feels very insular at the beginning and slowly opens up as the singer comes to grips with the reality of the situation, they are in. Painting a picture of an all too common occurrence, holding onto the idea of someone after they’ve left the entire track really works to paint a picture in the listeners mind, taking them to that place of pain, revelation and growth in a really beautiful way.

All I want is some quiet

Got head spins I’ve been hiding

You were gone like lightning

Ain’t that like us, can’t deny it.

The flatsound comparison goes even deeper for me, this track and the whole album being produced by Biggs themselves, featuring songs written and recorded outside of typical spaces like living rooms, blanket forts and makeshift bedrooms, just going to show if you have a great song and an idea of what you want to do with the sound you can create great music anywhere.

As I’ve been writing this, I have had the track going in the background and each time I listen to it I have found something new that I really like, like the shaker in the first chorus, the way the audio widens toward the end, the subtle synth part that just fills out the body of the track, for my first exposure to Alexander Biggs I am very impressed. And it’s not just me, you can see from the artists they have supported and worked with, supporting Bec Stevens at a show in Melbourne just last week and collaborating with fellow Native Tongue artists on this one, Sam Burtt (Sam Phay) and Will Cuming (LANKS), I am very excited for the full release of this track on the album, with Biggs set to make 2021 their year.

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