JAMIE BVLLET is onto something special with his sophomore single Something’s More Than Nothing

For a few years now, since really listening to their music, this little band called Treehouses have been one of my favourite groups whom I hold close to heart. A lot of you probably know and love them already. But if you’re not familiar, I would highly recommend you give them a listen. They bring this gorgeous blend of indie, emo, folk, pop, and spoken word to make something truly unheard of and it’s amazing.

But currently with the band’s absence, you have to recapture that feeling by exploring the group member’s solo projects - with one of them being JAMIE BVLLET. The singer-songwriter, who you will recognise as one of the soulful vocalists from the band, recently released his sophomore solo single just last week and it’s sounding like everything you ever wanted, plus more.

Something’s More Than Nothing has the dreamy electric guitars and pop vocals that Treehouses fans of late will recognise and feel beautifully nostalgic to. This is how the song opens, but it’s not long before it moves into something different that tells us that JAMIE’s project isn’t just a new version of the band, but a whole new thing entirely.

The song anthemically builds with the rest of the backing band crashing in like a wave on the rocks as the Perth musician’s voice sails beautifully over the top. The song continues to progress like this until your ears are met with the guitars, strings, and stadium-ready percussion all together for a cathartic conclusion. Like I said, it’s everything you want from this solo project, plus more.

This is only the second solo single from JAMIE BVLLET - after we heard Animals around midway through this year, plus a 2019 collaboration with Perth producer YVNGDA. I hope there’s a lot more where this song comes from - Animals is a grand song that will rise you to your feet for sure, and Something’s More Than Nothing takes a more vulnerable position and is equally excellent. So I’m sure there’s more to come, and I can not wait to hear it.

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