June Jones makes a stunning return with spacey new single ‘Jenny (Breathe)’

It’s been a little over a year since we last heard new music from June Jones, but that's a year too long. Thankfully just a couple of weeks ago we were blessed with the release of her brand new single Jenny (Breathe).

This song immediately stands out to listeners with it’s haunting, sci-fi-esque production that feels like it’s setting the scene of a dystopian world where everyday is the same routine and mundane cycle. Narratively, Jenny (Breathe) feels like it could easily belong in the soundtrack to a Black Mirror season. We can hear this darker soundscape supported by Jones’ words in the first verse.

Plug yourself in when you wake

Drink a cup of coffee for tradition’s sake

Spend the day wielding a knife

Whittle wood until the sun escapes the sky

Something that the Melbourne artist has crafted wonderfully over the years is her songwriting, and on a song like this - it definitely shows. The synth-laden production after this first verse heightens up and it begins to feel more intense as Jones enters the chorus to what feels to me like a juxtaposition to the lyrics as she tells listeners to “Breathe, breathe”.

In this song, the verses are set up to paint the narrative of what is often our chaotic and frantic lives but June Jones then invites us to take a step back to breathe and recalibrate. And that’s so important to remember too, that we’re not machines that can last forever - we need to give a little self-care and look after ourselves.

Like I mentioned, Jenny (Breathe) is the first single since the release of Jones’ debut album solo Diana last year, and it’s also the first song that Jones self-produced, after spending some time recently learning Ableton and recording this song over that process.

I hope you all love this song as much as I do for its songwriting, production, and the overall narrative June Jones is able to easily paint for us at home. Enjoy!

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