Keaper become your new favourite project with debut release 'I'll Find'

I came across Melbourne/Naarm duo Keaper a couple of months ago when I stumbled across their band page on Instagram and I was immediately drawn to their branding and their aesthetic in their images - band shots and ocean horizons shot on film at dusk, and collage cutout photos of the band scattered in between. This visually calming and pleasing aspect of Keaper introduces you perfectly to their music, which is much the same.

'Red' was one of the first videos I clicked on and quickly found myself so immersed in their sound and unable to click away. The video for it, released back in May of 2020, sees lead guitarist/vocalist Ameya and bassist Julia performing the beautiful instrumental together, with the visuals recorded from lockdown. From this moment on I was hooked and I couldn't wait for an official release.

And now, after nurturing the project over the past year, the band are ready to step into 2021 and share with us their official debut release - 'I'll Find'.

The single opens exactly how you'd expect it to - with the ambient and soft sounds of waves crashing before leading in with the ethereal guitars and vocals from Ameya, complimented perfectly with Julia's bass. It's reminiscent of Alpine, Snakadaktal, and DIIV, coming together for a mix somewhere in between those sounds. The accompanying music video is what Keaper have been building towards with their brand, showing the duo and dummer Harry performing the song at dusk by the ocean. It was part of a recent Fed Live music competition, that saw Keaper send this song into the top ten.

The track is followed by B-side song 'Maple' - a mostly instrumental track that is so melodically soothing that I can't help but stop what I'm doing and pay close attention. At the same time it's easy to get lost in the music and play it endlessly on repeat in the background of your day, like I did today for a while.

Keaper are a band to keep an eye on this year, as they seem to be working on some very special things that may come to fruition soon. But until then, wrap your ears around 'I'll Find' and 'Maple', and enjoy!

You can find Keaper on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp