Kim Yang’s ‘Dominoes’ is a journey through confidence and strength during confusing times

Image by Corinna and Dylan Kovacevic

Recall any animated movie you grew up watching and there were usually a couple of characters who have to embark on a journey together. They were two unlikely animal companions, and they didn’t get along - but they must work together to get to their destination. During the montage sequence, they learn to respect and be kind to each other, and to put aside their differences. By the end - they’re best friends, and we release that the journey all along was a journey of love and friendship.

Well, that’s what the latest single from singer-songwriter Kim Yang feels like. Dominoes is the song that plays during the film’s montage sequence. And in a way, this song in itself maps a personal journey of its own.

The Canberra folk artist released her breathtaking new song earlier this month, sharing that the song is for those who may struggle with self-doubt and uncertainty - a call to embrace their struggles during their unique journey. It’s a message I know I could do with in my life right now, during this time of incredible confusion and anxiousness. And that message is felt loud and clear as Kim strikes a balance between delicacy and strength to ultimately give us a song of uplifting spirits in an equally uplifting sound.

Kim said of the song “I used to be a shy person. I buried my feelings and refused to open up to others. But music and songwriting have helped me express myself. My mission is to encourage all people to be comfortable with themselves, and to be confident enough to embrace their passions and share their stories. Once you do you will find that your stories and experiences resonate with many others. After all, you are not alone”.

Dominoes is Kim Yang’s second for the year, after releasing Garden of Eden in April, a song that serves as a tribute to our communities after the devastating bushfires of 2019/20. Before that, Kim could be found all over Canberra, performing at the National Folk Festival, Enlighten Festival, and organising the International Women's Day Concert this year, as well as performing alongside/with the likes of Tori Forsyth and Muddy Wolfe.

So it’s safe to say whatever comes next from Kim Yang, you can expect it so be something stunning, and whatever happens next in Canberra, you can expect to find Kim there too.

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