King Stingray do it again with Get Me Out

King Stingray have quickly become one of those bands that you expect nothing but the best from upon release day, even though before a couple of weeks ago they only had released one song. That debut of their's, 'Hey Wanhaka', ricocheted around the music scene last year and everyone took notice.

But most recently the Yirrkala band shared with us their exceptional follow up 'Get Me Out' and, yeah, it's as good as we expected it to be.

The Yolŋu surf-rock band were out on tour with Yothu Yindi and one of their family members got lost in the Melbourne city, and managed to navigate her way back with with no phone. It was on this tour that King Stingray longed to go back home to Yirrkala, to be amongst the sea and bush again in North-East Arnhem Land.

'Get Me Out' is about just that - Going back home and away from the city. You can feel it listening to the chorus, picturing the band missing a beautiful sunset to the skyline. Standing surrounded by tall buildings in a city like Melbourne doesn't feel so magical when you can't see the colours of the sunset nor the stars in the sky. But head out as far away from the city and the pictures of the sky are to die for.

Put in their words - "When we see the sun go down, when we see that djapana, wherever we are, we know our home is never far away. Yirrŋa and I wrote this song when we were away on tour. We were thinking about our hometown Yirrkala. But when we saw the sun go down and we saw that sunset we had a mutual feeling of living under the one sun, living under the same sun. Wherever we are, at whatever time zone, there's still just one sun. Seeing that sunset lets us know that our home is never far away."

I love what King Stingray are singing about here, giving us a taste of what their home is like and introducing us to their lives. And I think this song was definetely the song we expected from them, and moving on through this year I'm sure they're going to continue doing some really interesting and amazing things, and for that I can not wait.

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