• Travis Salviejo

Lily Morris makes a grand impression with debut single 'Grand Illusions'

I have often looked at people younger than myself and had a mixture of overwhelming pride and pure envy (both in the nicest possible way) and I have to say every time I see or hear Lily Morris play, I have that reaction.

Seeing Lily finish school and play in bands and become such a cool part of Canberra’s music community in the past couple of years I’ve known her has been such a pleasure. When she started playing solo (debuting at our first Back to Front show at The Front Cafe) I knew we were in for a treat, so I was overjoyed when I heard her debut single Grand Illusions.

A song that brings up thoughts of Courtney Barnett, Georgia Maq and many other queens of the Australian folk-punk scene, Lily stakes her claim as an exciting new and unique voice with something to say. The song is deceptively simple, the drums and rhythm guitars gently walking you through the song with the beautifully melodic lead guitar and synths adding colour, all drawing you in to the spectacularly raw and real vocals, giving listeners a direct line to the songwriter’s thoughts and feelings.

Every element of this feels so genuine which is so endearing, from the hand drawn cover of a couple of houses in Lily’s home town, the drums played on a borrowed kit by one of Lily’s close friends, the incredibly polished production done by Lily’s brother in his home studio set up, the openness and honesty of the lyrics depicting a the very real experience of someone growing up and living in a place that sometimes can be suffocating.

Just like moths under a lonely streetlight

We’ll hover round all our lives and then we’ll die quietly

Just an illusion of something worth staying for

Follow the others that were here before

This song has me so excited to see what comes next from Lily Morris, to see her play live and for people to know her songs, for more music, for more stories and to see one of Canberra’s most talented young musicians to grow and take over the world.

You can find Lily Morris on Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp / Unearthed