Listen to the blissfully good EP from Wollongong's Benjamino

I'm a sucker for horns and woodwinds. Saxophones, trumpets, clarinets. All of it. Often it's used scarcely in new releases, and when it is, it's as a bit of extra flavour and always does its job - leaving a strong impact on the track.

But if you like them as the main dish, then this debut EP from Benjamino is probably your best local choice to go with. 'Open Up The Vault' is the result of what Benjamino's past year has been, since beginning the project in late 2019. Drawing from a range of influences, including soul, funk, and indie-pop, the Wollongong/Dharawal Country performer began sharing a string of singles off the back end of 2019 and throughout last year, ultimately leading up to the release of his debut EP in November.

The five tracks that make up 'Open Up The Vault' feel fun and blissful as Benjamino plays around with the different styles and sounds that build up each track. I can picture anyone close to him feeling excited when he's writing new music, knowing that Benjamino's going to wrap the song around the perfect set of instruments that breathe such welcoming life into the track. This is exactly what he's done with the EP, looking particularly at songs such as 'Paradise Is Here' - a song that appropriately feels warm, bright, and full of that right summer flavour.

I'd love for anyone I know to let me know what Benjamino's live sets are like. These songs feel like they should be experienced live, and knowing that he performs as a seven-piece band will no doubt do the song's justice. Just watch the music video below for 'Clutching at Shadows' to see the Benjamino demonstrate his talent as a multi-instrumentalist, which brings me to question whether or not his band includes six other people, or six different versions of Benjamino that perform each instrument?

Who knows for sure, but hopefully I'll see him live one day to confirm. I'm keen to hear these songs in a live setting, as I'm sure they're as good live as I'm imagining. But until then, we have this EP which is worth soaking up on a cold rainy day like today. Enjoy!

You can find Benjamino on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Unearthed