Listen to the fundraiser complication album from local Canberra initiative Stay at Home Sundays

Over the course of nation-wide lockdowns we were treated to a range of live stream performances from bands and artists across not only the country, but the world as the music industry tried to adjust to the temporary new world. One of the many that brought live stream shows straight to our phones was Canberra’s own Stay at Home Sundays - and last month they took it a good step further and released the self-titled fundraiser compilation album ‘Stay at Home Sundays: Volume 1’.

Like a fresh batch of bread rolls from the bakers, this album contains thirteen songs from local and interstate artists that have featured on the different live stream shows over the past 9 months or so. And you get a bit of a variety in this, with some relatively new and previously unreleased songs, and some songs that have been around for a little while. And the same goes for the artists themselves - some are new, and some are names we’ve seen around for some time now.

Packed in there you’ll find songs like ‘I’ll Get Back To You, Barry’ - the chaotically good single from Plovers that the Melbourne/Naarm trio released right at the start of the year. There’s the wonderful song ‘Tiny Car’ from former Canberra/Ngunnawal artist Hannah Blackburn, a single the singer-songwriter released back in September last year. You’ll also find something a little bit different from Azim Zain with his previously unreleased, synth-lathered track ‘Patron Saints’.

And as mentioned, ‘Stay at Home Sundays: Volume 1’ is a fundraiser album with the proceeds going towards Girls Rock! Canberra, a school-holiday program that supports, mentors, and celebrates young girls, transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people in music.

It’s great to see the name stay on as we move on from live streaming back to live gigs, and we hope to see a lot more from Stay at Home Sundays in the COVID-safe future in any form it takes. So make sure you go show them and Girls Rock! Canberra some love and buy the album on Bandcamp, and enjoy the listen!

Stay at Home Sundays: Volume 1

1. Kitschen Boy - ARF

2. Two Last Names - Can't Get Comfy

3. Griffin Ford and the Variables - Boys Don't Try

4. Hannah Blackburn - Tiny Car

5. Jack R. Reilly - Where You Find Yourself

6. Plovers - I'll Get Back To You, Barry

7. Azim Zain - Patron Saints

8. Marina Mitchell - Don't Ask

9. FOLEY! - F.U.Y.F.H

10. Dover Island - Bad Advice Club

11. Buddy Dingo - Bindies

12. Drive Safe - Nervous Energy

13. Uncle Ben’s Last Words - haha jk ...unless???? (nose)

You can find Stay at Home Sundays on Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp