Listen to the stripped-back and soulful debut from Melbourne’s BUMPY

Photo by Georgia Mein

I’m a big fan of a debut song that sweeps you off your feet and leaves a permanent strong first impression on you. I mean, obviously we all love a great song, but particularly when it’s a debut, it’s extra special. Well, this feeling of listening to something special happened to me recently when I first came across BUMPY’s Falling.

The soulful track is stripped-back right down to an electric guitar that feels as light as a feather, leaving room for the Melbourne performer to take over the space and capture you with her vocals. It’s like a scene from inside a jazz bar where all the lights are dimmed low, bar one that is spotlighting onto the performer, and every eye in the room is gazed upon them and their breathtaking performance.

The performance here is raw and intimate with BUMPY’s voice carrying such emotion and expression that with each listen, you really begin to feel the heartbreak of the narrative of the song. It’s cathartic to listen to but at the same time, peaceful. It’s a song you could relax blissfully to and get carried away by BUMPY’s voice, but you could also cry to this song if need be.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen BUMPY take the stage, with the singer-songwriter leading Melbourne neo-soul band Squid Nebula, as well as being an active member of hip-hop group DRMNGNOW. But here on BUMPY’s new solo project, Falling gives us a taste of something different - something that, like I mentioned before, spots a single light on the performer and gives space for her voice to shine bright.

I’m keen to hear what comes next from BUMPY, whether that’s more stripped-back and intimate songs, or maybe something different again entirely. Eitherway, I’m looking forward to more.

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