• Travis Salviejo

Looking back at Jared Grimm's exceptional debut solo track 'Are You Growing Up?'

Photo by Mariah Anzil

It’s always sad when a band calls it a day, especially when as a listener you have only just gotten around to listening to the band. Well that is the situation I found myself in with the Adelaide based group Pemberton. After hearing them and seeing them live for the first time at Not Fest 7 late 2019 I fell in love with their sound, only to find out in February of 2020 that the band was releasing one more EP, playing one more show and packing it in. However every cloud has a silver lining and this one had a couple, I am very excited to hear the final Pemberton EP (the single they dropped is spectacular) and the second silver lining is that front man Jared Grimm is now focusing on a solo project and we got the spectacular single Are You Growing Up? in late March.

Presented with simple yet effective musicality and honest and narrative driven lyrics telling

the story of a young person reflecting on themselves and their choices, with a few splashes

of unexpected but welcome production elements the song is beautifully crafted. The vocals

in this are a real standout for me, the wonderful falsetto moment in the chorus on the ‘growing up’ line giving me goose bumps every time I hear it.

A shade slower and less heavy than his work in Pemberton, Grimm seems to be using this project as a chance for introspection and reflection, this single focusing on themes of growing up and the decisions young people make and all the anxiety that comes along with that. The build at the end of the song to the final chorus is a beautiful moment that really trades on the emotional investment built in the rest of the song as Jared strips everything back for just a moment, a couple of lines before giving the last chorus everything he’s got.

Now would you come and wrap and your eyes around this common life’s demise

Are you growing up or are you alone?

This song does require a trigger warning, especially for the second verse as it deals with the hard but very real concepts of suicide and self-harm so please make sure that you are in an ok and safe place mentally before you listen to the track.

This release has me waiting in eager anticipation for what comes next for the Adelaide based Jared Grimm, and while I’m sad Pemberton is gone, I’m glad we got this stellar project and single out of it.

You can find Jared Grimm on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Unearthed