• Travis Salviejo

Naif's I Am Plenty - the love album you didn't know you needed

Love is hard. It’s hard to love other people sometimes, it’s hard to believe in the concept of love, it’s hard to love yourself. Naif’s most recent release I am plenty is an album about love in its many facets and my personal favourite from the three releases Naif has given us so far this year.

There are few more talented and driven people that I know in the Sydney music scene than Naif, not only were they part of the incredible hannahband until that project wrapped up in 2017 but they continue to be a part of incredible projects like Sports Bra and Chemical Restraint. In every project that they’re in Naif’s incredible song writing and lyricism shine through and I would argue that especially in their solo work these elements are given the spotlight as the songs are all recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered and created by the artist themselves.

It’s wild to think that in the space of just the first half of 2020 Naif has had the creative spark to write and release 3 nine song releases, all with slightly different feels and themes but all are un-mistakenly Naif. I am plenty is a meditation on the theme of love it seems, but not just romantic love but also a person learning to love themselves and learning to show love to those around them.

The songs are presented in a wonderfully DIY way without sounding ameture or under produced. I particularly like the variations in the vocal production from song to song, sometimes the vocals sitting right at the front of the mix such as in the beautifully quotable (Sometimes Love) Isn’t Enough and at other points the lyrics sit deeper in the mix, letting the instrumental parts speak in a way like in The Divine World.

The thing that has kept me coming back to the release is the beautiful turn of phrase that Naif has, something I’ve always enjoyed about their song writing. Naif comes across as a person wise beyond their years as in every line there is just gouts of wisdom, affirmation and positivity. Even the title of the release itself comes from a lesson Naif learned from their therapist.

But real love is real, and it’s coming for you

When you’re not expecting it, it’s when you know it’s true

Hearing this album has warmed my heart so much because I know that Naif, like many have had a really rough start to 2020 and I would say Naif’s recent few months have been harder than most. But to hear the love and positivity that comes through so much on this release, even in the ‘sadder songs’ is such a wonderful encouragement from one of the hardest working creatives I know.

You can find Naif on Spotify / Bandcamp