PREMIERE: Not Good, Not Bad - We Should Just Be Friends

If there’s ever a time to get into the creative mindset and play around with ideas, it’s while being out on the open road. Whether you’re the driver or in the passenger seat, the best place to be is traveling through the great outdoors. And it’s exactly here, while one day driving home from Coffs Harbour, that Tim from Not Good, Not Bad first envisioned and wrote the band’s latest single We Should Just Be Friends.

“I couldn’t wait to get home and record it all” Tim said of the moment. And he did, and sent it to old bandmate Josh who added synths before singer Jorden wrote the lyrics and vocal melody. It’s the first song the Newcastle band all wrote together, and you can hear why it’s so special to them. We Should Just Be Friends is a dreamy song that reflects on that heartbreaking line, and how it can signify both the end of something, and the start of something else, bringing a comforting perspective to an otherwise pretty melancholy moment.

The indie-shoegaze track opens with a light mix of guitars, synth and percussion, providing a relaxing sound that you feel like you can swim through, before the warm vocals blossom and open the song up to its relatable lyrical nature of heartache and sorrow, particularly through the opening verse:

Did you ever notice the way that she was looking at you

Could you ever notice the way you broke my heart into two

But like the band said to us, this song isn’t your typical break-up song, but rather a reflective take on being in that situation, giving the perspective that maybe this is the end of something, but the start of something else. Maybe it’s not all bad and there’s a silver lining to these heartbreaking moments, something I can definitely relate to my own experiences. Sometimes the really good things that have happened in my life came out of really shitty moments.

Recorded by Matt Taylor at Triple Three Records and mastered by Jessica Thompson, the song amplifies towards the end as the guitars, drums and vocals ramp up for an emotional climax before coming to an abrupt end with the line “we should just be friends”, as if the song puts the listener in a choose-your-own-adventure sequence and it’s up to us how we progress forward.

We Should Just Be Friends is a song that instantly sticks, as I noticed myself quickly being able to recall and sing along to after initially only hearing it a couple of times or so, and it continues to grow more and more on me with each listen. This is also the second single from Not Good, Not Bad we’ve seen in recent months, after releasing Your Place at the start of July. So with no sign of slowing down, we’re hopeful to hear much much more for the Newcastle group in the near future.

We Should Just Be Friends is officially released this Friday, 14th August, and you can order the band's debut 7' vinyl of We Should Just Be Friends / Your Place via their socials.

You can find Not Good, Not Bad on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed