Pemberton begin to say their proper farewell's with new single 'Burn It'

Photo by Jay Wennington

In 2018, one of my most played and unexpectedly favourite albums of the year was 'Maybe I'm A Friend That Stuck Around Too Long' - the debut from Adelaide-based band Pemberton. I say "unexpected" because I didn't know this band at all before listening and I came across them at random (if I remember correctly). But I gave the record a listen and immediately I fell in love with it. It's not often that one day I can discover a band and the next day I'm head over heels for their album - but three years ago that's exactly what happened.

Fast forward to 2021 and sadly we begin to say farewell to Pemberton, but not without a couple last goodbye's which started with the album's follow up 'Eulogy Singer' last year, and now with their most recent single 'Burn It'.

The song is, expectedly, amazing - featuring all the anthemic guitar moments and heartfelt emo lines we've come to know and love from lead vocalist Jared Grimm, whose words speak to the inner-emo kid in all of us. 'Burn It', which came to us right at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, starts suddenly and hits the ground running, pacing itself throughout the track to then bring us those big moments towards the end when we need it most. The band erupt in unison with Jared's layered vocals for a grand finale - fitting for the farewell we're giving to the band this year.

This sounds like the song that will see the band off during their final show at the end of this month, when they grace the stage at Lion Arts with Turn South, Hey Harriett, and Pelvis. This show was meant to happen last year but got postponed to this month. I'm sad I never saw Pemberton play live, and that I'll miss this one last show. But I am looking forward to what Jared Grimm does in his future, after releasing his debut solo song 'Are You Growing Up' last year.

There's an EP still on the way from Pemberton, titled 'How to Make the Most of Starvation' - which I am greatly looking forward to hearing. And I encourage anyone to go back to the band's debut full-length and give that a good listen. Still today it's one of my favourites and maybe later on I'll write about why that is.

But until then, I wish the band farewell, and thank you for the music.

Viva la Pemberton.

You can find Pemberton on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed