• Travis Salviejo

Premiere: Don't delay! Check out the latest Drive Safe single full of nostalgia and feelings

Photo: Claire Warren

Sometimes you hear a song and you are transported into an earlier version of yourself, a time when things were simpler and easier, summers spent at the coast on school holidays, going to shows with mates, skating through your hometown that you can’t wait to leave. These are all feelings brought up for me with Drive Safe’s latest single Delayed Maintenance.

Stylistically this track reminds me of the stuff that really got me into alternative music in my mid to late teens, bands like The Wonder Years, who introduced me to the ‘alt’ pop-punk scene that blended and was caught up in the midwestern emo movement of the same time period. The track kicks in with big chords, a drum beat that just demands that you move and a simple but well stated lead line that captures the listeners ear within the first 10 seconds.

Listening to this track next to Drive Safe’s first single from a few weeks ago, Nervous Energy? we are clearly shown the artist’s range and talent across a whole range of genres and styles while still carrying the things that continue to build an image of the artist for listeners. While this track leans more on guitar and drum parts rather than synth lines it still carries the technical prowess of Drive Safe, each part locking perfectly into each other. I love the little attention to details and flourishes we get too, like the doubling of the vocal line at the ends of phrases and the half time feel through the choruses to build tension released in the turnarounds.

I love the nostalgic feel of this song as it is paired with lyrics that present the story of two people in a long-distance relationship, the uplifting instrumental contrasted with the repeated images of distance, connection and coming to terms with a less than ideal situation. The lyrics really got me on this one, the feelings of yearning and longing but trying to stay positive are emotions all too common for me and I’m sure were (and are) common for many people this year. Again, Drive Safe has managed to use very real and concrete imagery while transcending meaning and telling a story with layers that cut right to the heart.

And Now when I think about what I’m going to do

I don’t care about me, but I care about you

And I reached for your hand and you told me you felt your heart race

And I said I felt the same

We have had two singles in rapid succession, and we won’t have to wait too much longer for some more with the full EP Nowhere Else to Go set to be released in early 2021. In the meantime, you can listen to Delayed maintenance and Nervous Energy? on all streaming platforms and catch the single launch on the 13th of December where Drive Safe will debut the songs (and others from the EP) live alongside Barely Coping and Liv Kilponen at Gang Gang Café get your tickets fast.

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